Minister of Foreign Affairs for International Affairs Receives copies of letter of Credence for Ambassador-Designate of the Republic of Poland to Uganda

Fri, 03/22/2024

Today, the Honorable Oryem Henry Okello, Minister of Foreign Affairs for International Affairs, had the honour of receiving copies of the letters of credence for His Excellency Miroslaw Gojdz, Ambassador-Designate of the Republic of Poland, to Uganda. The ceremony, held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, marked an auspicious moment in strengthening bilateral ties between Uganda and Poland.


His Excellency Miroslaw Gojdz hails from Lubin in Poland, renowned globally for its abundant copper and silver reserves. Before his diplomatic appointment, Ambassador Gojdz served with distinction in various capacities, including a tenure in the mines of Lubin for seven years, followed by a distinguished role as the Deputy Mayor of Lubin, a town well known for hosting the preeminent mining conglomerate, KGHM Copper. His extensive experience in the mining sector underscores his commitment to fostering cooperation between Poland and Uganda in this critical sector. During their discussions, Minister Oryem and Ambassador Gojdz deliberated on avenues for collaboration, particularly in the mining sector, aiming for mutual advancement and prosperity. It was mutually agreed upon that a twinning program between select Ugandan and Polish cities be initiated to foster development cooperation and exchange of best practices. In warmly welcoming Ambassador Gojdz to Uganda, Hon. Okello reaffirmed the commitment of the Ugandan government to bolstering bilateral ties with Poland.


He highlighted the historical contributions of Polish missionaries to Uganda and emphasized the potential for further collaboration in diverse fields such as technology, agriculture, and security. In closing, Minister Oryem extended his best wishes to Ambassador Gojdz for a successful tenure and encouraged him to freely seek assistance or consultation ifrequired during his ambassadorial tour of duty. He expressed confidence that Ambassador Gojdz’s tenure would significantly contribute to the deepening of Uganda- Poland relations. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs looks forward to the fruitful collaboration between Uganda and Poland under Ambassador Gojdz’s stewardship, which promises to further enhance the friendship and cooperation between the two nations.