Fri, 04/12/2024

The Honorable Okello Oryem, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs/International Affairs, met with His Excellency Kevin Colgan, the Ambassador of Ireland to Uganda. During the diplomatic engagement Amb. Colgan formally announced the forthcoming visit by the Secretary-General, Mr. Joseph Hackett, of the Department of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Ireland, scheduled to take place from the 21st to the 25th of May 2024. Discussions centered on the itinerary and objectives of Mr. Joseph Hackett’s visit, emphasizing the importance of fostering and strengthening bilateral ties between Uganda and Ireland.

Notably, the visit holds particular significance as it coincides with the Ambassadors Conference for Ireland’s diplomatic representatives in Africa. “This convergence of events underscores the depth of Ireland’s commitment to enhancing relations with its African partners” said Amb. Colgan. “Mr. Hackett’s itinerary will encompass a comprehensive tour of Ireland’s developmental initiatives in the Karamoja region, underscoring Ireland’s unwavering dedication to sustainable development and cooperation in Uganda” he added. The dialogue between Hon. Okello Oryem and H.E. Kevin Colgan epitomizes the mutual respect and shared aspirations between Uganda and Ireland. Both parties reaffirmed their commitment to fostering closer collaboration across various spheres, including economic development, education, and cultural exchange. Mr. Hacket has been Secretary General of the Department of Foreign Affairs of Ireland since September 2021. As preparations for Mr. Hackett’s visit continue, Ugandaanticipates welcoming him warmly and utilizing this occasion to further deepen the longstanding friendship and cooperation between the two nations.