Wed, 06/05/2024

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uganda, Hon. Gen. Odongo Jeje Abubakhar, held a productive meeting with H.E. Brig. Gen. Jules Ndihokubwayo, the Ambassador of Burundi, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs headquarters in Kampala. This meeting underscored the enduring friendship and cooperation between the two neighbouring countries. Hon. Gen. Odongo highlighted the strong and historically significant relations between Uganda and Burundi, emphasizing the shared cultural and social bonds that unite the two nations. He reiterated Uganda's commitment to fostering a relationship that promotes mutual development and prosperity.


Ambassador Ndihokubwayo extended heartfelt gratitude to the Government of Uganda for its generous sponsorship of ten Burundian nationals for a Master’s program at Makerere University. This gesture reflects Uganda's dedication to educational collaboration and capacity building in the region. Both dignitaries agreed on the importance of harnessing the cultural similarities between Uganda and Burundi to enhance trade and economic cooperation. They recognized that cultural affinity could serve as a foundation for stronger commercial ties, facilitating smoother interactions and mutual understanding in business endeavours. Furthermore, Hon. Gen. Odongo and Ambassador Ndihokubwayo discussed the critical need for cooperation in ensuring peace and security in the region. They acknowledged that stability is a prerequisite for sustainable development and expressed their commitment to working together to address regional security challenges.